Healthcare for All

In the midst of a government shutdown, Obama Care, or the healthcare for all law, went live this past week. By visiting, you are able to apply for low cost or even free healthcare. The selection process is one that is based off of income and other various aspects. I personally am not in the personal care sector, do not find healthcare too interesting, or have ever worried about having healthcare. I am only a college student so I’m still under covered under my parents until I graduate college or age 26, whichever one is longest. Anyway, this is not the point of what I am writing about.

Because of the way that the healthcare system is being handled, all applications and files are digital. This brings up the issue of file security and potential for information to be stolen. Whenever you go and see a doctor for any reason, all of your information is kept and logged. In the case of Obama Care, all information will go into one database with doctor visits. This brings up this issue of data security. In the digital age of today, everything is becoming paperless. Things that used to be papers and now becoming digital and computers are the definitely the way of the future. From now on, most doctors’ offices carry around laptops and tablets to handle patient information.

The main issue with this is security. Human error also has a lot of pull on this issue. Nurses or Doctor assistants can leave their laptops unattended, use easy to crack passwords, and overall leave their devices unsecured. This is a problem if this plan of Obama Care is going to work. Digital data and making all records digital is both beneficial and a threat to personal security. I personally believe that it is more negative. Having an entire database with social security, health care, and potential payment methods is extremely dangerous. You have to think that by sharing all of this data would prove to be a danger. All of this data is obviously used for good by the doctors and used to help out your medical history. If you are sick, the main goal of a doctor is to make you feel better. They are always in your best interest. What I am trying to say is that information is never that secure. There is really not much you can do to prevent hackers from trying to steal your data. If they want to, they will find a way to do it. The best way of protecting your information is to keep it under many layers of protection. You should encrypt it, use certificates, and take other methods to ensure your safety. I think that Obama Care will have issues and it will be hacked by one of the many hacker groups that are out there. More security measures need to be taken, and taken soon. Till next time, I’ll share some more opinions on other pressing issues.




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