Back after the Hiatus

It’s good to finally be back on my blog. I’ve been having some issues with WordPress and time commitments so I guess I’ll make up for the past 3 weeks in the posts to come over the next few hours. Today I would like to talk the one and only Windows XP. I love Windows XP. I think it is the best operating system that has ever been made by Microsoft. It is so much better than Vista, 7, and now Windows 8. The biggest issue with Windows XP seems to be the issue of age. XP is an old operating system. Lets face it, it has been 12 years since Windows XP was released. That is a really long time! On April 8, 2014, almost 13 years after the original release, Microsoft will stop supporting Windows XP. The operating system will officially be dead by Microsoft’s standards. The problem that comes into place here is the issue of system vulnerabilities. According to a recent study by VMware, Windows XP machines are 8x as likely to become infected with a virus than Windows 8 machines. Also, almost 60% of corporate computers still run Windows XP.

There are many reasons as to why they do not upgrade. Some of these reasons are the cost of upgrading, time wasted installing the software, and all program / data migration. Compatibility issues are not as big of an issue because most Windows programs work with each other whether you are on XP or VIsta or 7 or 8. Getting your information stolen is a pretty big issue on the other hand. I remember the first time that I got a virus. It was the summer of my freshman year of high school. I was using Windows Vista on my desktop when I installed a program and was instantly greeted with a message stating that I had a virus and my computer started to freak out. I realized that only way to truly get rid of a virus is to format your hard drive and re-install your operating system. I have realized that this is a very arduous and annoying process. 

Windows XP is a great OS, it works extremely well. Don’t get me wrong, I love the OS. I would still use it if I didn’t need to run some programs that are built explicitly for 7. The problem that I am trying to talk about in this blog is the issue of an outdated operating system with many security flaws. Identity theft would probably be one of the worst things to go through as a human being. I would hate for that to happen to anyone and using an outdated OS would be a problem. It is time to upgrade, get current, and use a better OS. Upgrade to 7, not to 8 just yet. See where it takes you.


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