The Road 2.0

Earlier in the semester, I wrote a blog about Silk Road and Tor, the online black market drug superstore. Silk Road was taken offline by the FBI and shut down for good. Sure enough, a few weeks later, it is back up again and stronger than before. With over 12,000 new registered users, Silk Road seems to be back. I thought it would be a good idea to read up on reports from new users and even see if I could find someone that is a user on the new site. As luck would have it, both of these came to be realities. I’ve been reading articles online about the new Silk Road and it seems to be up and running just fine. I was talking to a friend this week and ironically enough, he told me that a friend of his recently ordered something from Silk Road and still received it in a pretty timely fashion. What does this have to do with information security you ask? A lot. The first Silk Road that was taken down by the FBI has all of the users, orders, bitcoin wallets, and other information in a file that is hidden from the public. The fact that people are willing to risk all of this information AGAIN in Silk Road 2.0 just to be able to purchase illegal things shows a serious issue with humans. If I were to personally use Silk Road, I most definitely would not go back after it got shut down. I have never used this site and never plan to but it seems so risky to use. The original creator the SR was caught because he left a trail of information about himself. He got caught and is awaiting trial. There is now a new person who is in charge of Silk Road and hopes to run it in a similar but safer manner. The biggest issue I see is the problem of sellers using the site as a marketplace. What seller in their right mind would use this site after it has already been compromised by the FBI? This just seems like a very far out concept to me. It just seems flat out unsafe. In a world where we learn new things about the government everyday and you can not do anything without being seen, it just seems like an awful idea to sell blatantly illegal things over something that has already been taken down once. You be the judge. In my case, I do not want my information compromised so I will not ever be using this service. The USA has laws for a reason. Don’t get caught breaking them. Till next time.



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