Following the Fake

Twitter, one of my favorite social networking sites to use. Probably one of everyone’s favorite social networking sites to use. I use Twitter for daily news, updates from friends / celebrities / athletes, and pretty much any sort of information about the ongoings of the world. I also tweet on a usual daily basis about things that happen in my life. The issue of followers and following is pretty big on Twitter. Everyone wants to have as many followers as possible. Everyone wants to be verified and be the “cool” person on Twitter. Personally, I only care about Twitter as a source for Information, not for anything else. Recently, people all across the internet on eBay and other selling sites have been posting listings for multiple thousands of followers for your personal account. For a small price, you can purchase a few thousand followers to gain some rep for your account. I personally think that it is ridiculous that people would go through the trouble of trying to gain followers even they do not know who these people are. It is very common with the American values of everyone wanting to be famous. Anyway, there is definitely an information security aspect to this issue of buying followers. Many of these fake accounts that follow you are ripoff identities of other real Twitter users. I want to keep this short because I don’t feel like ranting but Twitter is most definitely an awesome service to use. I love Twitter, I will probably never get rid of it, but it is definitely something to watch out for if you get a follow from a random person who appears to be fake. Watch your back. Do it!


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