O Adobe

In light of the recent Adobe hacks, there has been a huge conversation about the handling of user information by large companies. Adobe recently reported that up to 138 million users were compromised. This is a large amount of users and way too many. This is not all Adobe’s fault though. Many people use very simple passwords such as “password” or “1234567” or something else that is very similar and easy to break into. What I want to talk about today is password security. Most people do not know how to make a secure password. I personally like to use upper case characters, lower case characters, numbers, and symbols in my passwords. I really would not like to have any of my accounts hacked. Pretty recently, I got an email saying that my account had been compromised and I should change my password to avoid any future incidents. This was pretty upsetting and got me on the right track to making sure I would not have to deal with these issues in the future. Same goes for securing your computer and keeping it virus free. There is nothing worse than having a virus on your computer. You just think about the grossly long process you now have to go through to get rid of it. You can’t just remove a virus, you have to completely wipe your hard drive, reinstall your operation system, then do EVERYTHING you’ve done over your computer’s life again. I usually like to re image my computer once a year just to keep everything running nice and fast. Going back to Adobe, this is the not the first company that has gotten hacked and a lot of information hacked. I remember a year or so back, Sony got hacked and their Playstation Network was completely taken offline. I think that these hacks are more of an inconvenience than anything else. I understand why these people do what they do, but hacking is more of an annoyance than anything else. As we’ve witnessed by the recent Silk Road arrest, these hackers always get caught. It is just the time before it catches up to them before they have the FBI or police knocking at their door. I personally don’t think its worth it to do things that are not legal. Rather just put your skills to use for good. I learned that in High School and ever since then, I only use my skills for good. Till next time.


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