How Secure are your iOS Apps?

I own a iPhone, I love my iPhone. I just recently upgraded to a Blue iPhone 5C after 2 years of a 4S that has decided to get slow and clunky. I also use a ton of apps. I use apps for everything everyday of the week. Recently, there has some scrutiny among security professionals because iPhone apps are not secure enough.iphone5c-gallery2-2013

This exploit works in a very interesting way. When you visit a website on your laptop, desktop, phone, or tablet, you type an address into a browser and you are taken there, simple enough. When you use an app, an app talks to a server that you have already given your information to. This exploit works in way so that the app will talk to a malicious server and try and steal your information. When I first heard about this exploit, I thought it was absolutely brilliant. It is such a smart way to steal information and actually very undetectable if you think about it. How many people will expect their apps to be hacked? Anyway, Apple has offered a fix for this pretty recently and once your update your iPhone, you will be able to securely use your apps again. I sometimes wonder where hackers get these ideas from. This is actually really smart and if I were to fall prey to this, I would be more surprised Apple could allow something like this then be upset. This is such a gaping hole in Apple’s ecosystem that many users can be affected. I love my iPhone and I will continue to be a pawn in Apple’s massive scheme. I love Apple’s products and will continue to own them for the rest of the time that I am around. Fixes will be issued and once again, Apple will run the market. Till next time.



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